Baby Dog King!


If you haven’t heard already… we are expecting! Baby dog King arrives this October. Well he’s already born, we just don’t get to take him home for about another month. Brad and I are SO excited. You might remember that I mentioned Brad made us late leaving for Oregon a few weeks ago. It was because he made sure the breeder told him first about the birth so he could surprise me. He got a card and a bone (the one in the pic above) and I have to say I got pretty teary eyed.

Almost two months ago I found a goldendoodle breeder online and got in contact with her. We set up an appointment to come out to meet her and her dogs in Galt, a town just south of Sacramento. They were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by lots of farmland. The dogs were sweet and we even got to meet two of the dogs that were a product of their breeding; a 6 year-old beauty named Rosie and a 12 week-old pup named Lefty.

Poor Lefty had experienced an unfortunate accident that left vets with no option but to amputate his back right leg. So obviously his name is super fitting. However sad his circumstances, this dog had no clue he wasn’t supposed to have only three legs. He was out of this world cute! He was interested but laid back. He loved to be pet and would follow us around the yard. I could have taken him home that day, but Lefty was already spoken for. It sounded like he had a really nice family that he was going home to, but it was still kind of hard to say goodbye to him…

Also it should be noted that Rosie was such a nice dog too who even greeted us at the door with a sock. Apparently when she meets people she likes to have something in her mouth. Dogs can be so funny!

The whole trip just confirmed that we were getting our dog from the right place. We get to choose from three males in a litter by a female golden retriever who is the sweetest dog you could imagine. When we met the mom she came right up to Brad and let him pet her. Just so calm and mellow and enjoying the attention she was getting.

We are so excited for this upcoming experience and I apologize in advance for the over abundance of pictures that will inevitably flood social media.