A Weekend on the Oregon Coast: Part 2


So to continue the adventures of the weekend…

After sand dunes we checked into our hotel and took a little rest for a couple hours. We met back up with Tayler and Eric to head down to Bandon for dinner at a restaurant we picked solely based on its reviews on Yelp… Well at least Yelp didn’t lead us astray. The dinner was delicious and the view was amazi- I mean, the view would have been beautiful and scenic except for SO MUCH FOG. I thought we left the Bay Area? We even made reservations for 7:30pm to catch the sunset out over the ocean. The restaurant had perfect views right on the water, but sadly it just wasn’t a good day. We forgot to document dinner, but know that we had good fish (except Brad who hates fish) and good laughs as we watched the fog get thicker and thicker.

The next day we headed back to Bandon to check out the beach. Now I’m a beach girl. Give me the sand and ocean and I will be more than content. However I knew the beach we were going to visit wasn’t going to be what I was used to but it sure was breathtaking.


The huge rocks with all their cool caves and arches and the tide pools. It was really beautiful. And we all had so much fun exploring. Brad skipped rocks (because that’s a thing he likes to do?), Tayler and I snapped away on our cameras (aka my iPhone and she’s the one with a legit camera) and we even took a stroll through an artist’s maze that he created in the sand. Well it wasn’t really a maze because you couldn’t get lost in it, it was pretty much a swirly pathway… I don’t know how to explain it, just check out the pics.

Don’t ask. It’s just us, ya know?
We may or may not love taking ridiculous pics.
Brad’s photobombing is getting really good.
Taking a walk on the spiral thing…
Spiral thing from above.




It was agreed that when they start a band, this would be their album cover.
We have play-by-play images of this jump. Now maybe if I ever figure out how to use a computer I could put those images in a collage…
Skipping rocks.


Like I said, Brad’s photobombing skills are on point. #nailedit
As soon as we spotted this Bernese Mountain Dog our hearts skipped a beat. We beelined it towards Bernie (real original) and his owner and asked if we could pet him. He was 115 pounds of beast.




Thanks, Oregon!